Safe Mercury Removal

At Mercury Free Dental, we strictly follow the protocol defined by the IAOMT for safely removing mercury fillings. As a matter of fact, Dr. Dressler is one of the founders of the organization.

Our protocol consists of the following safety procedures:Safe Mercury Removal Ron Dressler DDS

  • Eye mask over eyes to protect during mercury removal from mercury vapor & mercury particulate.
  • Oxygen mask over the nose for same.
  • Mercury vapor filter to reduce mercury vapor levels during mercury filling removals.
  • Ionizer , blowing across patient’s face to reduce mercury vapor.
  • “Clean-Up” apparatus fits over tooth attached to suction machine line during mercury filling removal, to reduce mercury vapor levels.
  • Use of large amounts of ozonated water on tooth during mercury filling removal.
  • Mercury Collector which prevents 99% of mercury going out into the waste water.

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