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With much gratitude in our hearts, we wish to provide to you what our patients have to say about our services and their health.

Thanks so much for helping save my life.

Hello Dr. D.

Some of the symptoms associated with this extremely painful ugliness:

  • difficulty breathing
  • tachycardia
  • extreme blood pressure spikes
  • vertigo
  • food sensitivities, digestive issues
  • extreme reactions and difficulty breathing to fragrances, car fumes, smoke, chemicals,etc.
  • joint and muscle pains all over
  • other body rashes and skin inflammation

Thanks so much for helping save my life.
Hugs, Angela

Angela mercury removal patient dr ron dressler

Angela, before mercury removal

angela mercury removal patient dr ron dressler

Angela, before mercury removal

angela mercury removal patient dr ron dressler

Angela, after mercury removal – smiling!

“…my fibromyalgia pain…is totally gone”

I am writing to let you know of the great results that came from the mercury you removed from 5 of my molars last November. The begets changes I have noticed are that my fibromyalgia pain all over the body, which I have had for 15 years, is totally gone. Also, my allergies and vaginal yeast infections are totally gone as well. I don’t need to take any medications or supplements to treat them. I have had these two for years as well. There are probably some other benefits to come which I will continue to discover with time.

I am so happy and thankful for these changes and the effect it has had in my life. Thank you for devoting your career to the issue of detoxifying from mercury, in spite of the great hurdles you must have encountered in your journey. It is because of people with your courage, Dr. Dressler, that people like me have a chance for a better, healthier, painless free life.”

– Karin A.

It is difficult for me to recall evan a single MS attack…”

“I just read the flyer that was sent out for your talk…You have no idea how much better I have felt in the last 1 1/2 years, since I started having my mercury fillings replaced in March 2001. It is difficult for me to recall even a single MS attack in 2002, and that is the first time in at least 10 years that I have been so free from my body feeling weaker and my movements becoming slower. Keep up your good work.”

– Sheila

“The health changes in both of us were significant,”

“The following is my personal health story about the deleterious effects of mercury upon the health of my wife and I. We had our dental fillings replaced almost fifteen years ago, and my wife still calls it the “turning point in my life.”

We experienced long term problems with mercury toxicity through absorbing it directly in our mouth via the mercury dental fillings. We both had most of our fillings as children and in our early adult years. We were tested for “methyl mercury” in our mouths and both were fount to have toxic levels.

Our amalgams were replaced with ceramic fillings, the amalgam metals containing mercury were drilled out in the process: literally in most every tooth. We also took a regimen of supplements as we complied with an extensive program of detox while having the mercury fillings removed.

The health changes in both of us were significant. My wife said, “once the dental fillings were gone, and the mercury detoxification underway, I began to feel like a whole new person.”

Friends who had not seen her for some time said things like: “I don’t know what you’ve done, but you look so much better…whatever it is, I want to do it myself!”

My wife’s thinking became clear, nervousness stopped, sleep improved dramatically. In my case, I was dealing with increasing debilitating cardiac arrhythmia. I went to cardiac specialists and in spite of their advice, I never took heart medications. The last major problem I had with heart palpitations was the last night before my final dental session to revoe the remaining amalgams. I rarely have any heart palpitations now.

No one will ever convince me that the removal of toxic mercury fillings was not responsible for these improvements in our health. It is completely obvious to both of us that this was what did it for us. We are certain of it. I have seen the same phenomenon among many of our friends.

You may interpret this testimonial however you choose, but any health care professional who continues to use mercury amalgams is acting utterly irresponsibly in my opinion. I have offered this testimonial freely, independently, and without any outside advice, pressures, or influences whatsoever as far as its contents or my decision to write it. May this information be used for the education of future dental patients who are making decisions about dentistry.”

– Dr. Schlosser, PhD.

“Dr. Dressler removed the mercury from my mouth…six months later…I recovered almost overnight and returned to normal activity.”

“In the mid-1990’s, I experienced sudden pain in my left side, which later led to unaccountable panic attacks. I would lie on my back, unable to breath. I was incapable on normal activity and had to stop working. Medical tests showed no physical abnormalities. Psychiatric advice was sought and a mild anti-depressant drug was prescribed, but all this achieved was dizziness.

Then, Dr. Dressler removed the mercury from mouth. Six months after the onset of this unexplained episode, I recovered almost overnight and returned to normal activity. Since that time my health has been superior. There has been no recurrence of any of the symptoms. Of course, it is impossible to prove cause and effect connection between mercury and this illness. However, if mercury was indeed the cause of this episode, then it is a cruel infliction of suffering by dentists who may be packing the mouths of their patients with potential disaster.”

– A. Buzzard, MA; Author and Lecturer in Theology

“I would encourage anyone considering ozone therapy to give it a try.”

“Thank you so much for doing the ozone therapy in my teeth. It has taken away the pain I had dur to infection. Before, I could not have cold drinks or eat certain items like apples because of the pain it caused me. Now, I am free again to drink or eat any cold or acid food and water.

Thank you so much for recommending and doing this treatment. I would encourage anyone considering ozone therapy to give it a try.”

– K. Ashby

After removing the mercury, I thought I felt better. But, I rationalized and kept quiet, thinking it was probably wishful thinking.”

My mother had Alzheimer’s disease. She lived her final years with us and I saw the tragedy first hand. She was 83 when she dief. During this time, I found a book, Beating Alzheimer’s by Tom Warren. Mr. Warren describes his bout with Alzheimer’s, his discovery of the toxicity of the mercury in silver fillings and his removal of the fillings. His mind returned to normal.

At that time, my husband (Jim) and I decided to be tested for mercury toxicity. The results showed that we had low levels of toxicity. Because neither of us had any symptoms and insurance would not pay, we elected to do nothing at that time.

Fast forward to 2010…a couple of years a go I began “losing words” in conversation. It got worse. I was hesitant to talk to anyone other than him. My handwriting got worse with my jittery fingers and I noticed I was not remembering/learning.
4 months ago I re-read “Beating Alzheimer’s,” this time searching for hope for my situation. I am 66, my mother lived until she was 83. I didn’t want to live in a fog for 17 years the way she did, so I told Jim, I was ready to “do it.” Jim immediately agreed.

The previous mercury free dentist we had seen, was no longer practicing but recommended Dr. Ronald Dressler. After some testing, Dr. Dressler removed three large crowns that had mercury underneath them. He told us to expect a different right away. I thought he was just being encouraging, “it can’t be true.” We came home.

The next few days, I thought I did feel better (even with sore gums). But, I rationalized and kept quiet, thinking it was probably wishful thinking. Late one morning, I had been doing house stuff and jim came looked at me intently and said, “I don’t know how you feel about it, but YOU ARE BETTER!” I then admitted, “I know I am.” I had a general feeling of well being, it is hard to describe. My brain seemed to be working better. My nervousness had decreased and the following Monday, I wrote a check. My handwriting was perfect! I was calm and my old sense of confidence was returning.

I have had the remaining mercury removed and I am better every day. My brain is healing itself since the toxic mercury is gone. I daily give praise to my Heavenly Father for His hand in all this recovery and to Dr. Dressler for his expertise in mercury removal.”

Before Mercury removal

Before Mercury removal

6 Months after Mercury removal.

6 Months after Mercury removal.

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